Union Fest Strikes Back

On May 4th, the Univesity of Wyoming organized the annual Union Fest. The Friday before finals week the university organizes a de-stressor event with free food, games, music, movies, and activities during the day.     I really like video recording and editing, and I found out that it is what I want to do... Continue Reading →


When I wrote my first blog post back in January, I had pretty clear goals. I wanted to improve my writing and blogging skills. I also wanted to overcome the language barrier, and this semester I had to get out of my comfort zone a few times in order to be successful in this class.  ... Continue Reading →

Social Media Management Critique

Today in my post I will compare how two different organizations use their social media accounts, and if they do it in an effective or ineffective way. The organizations that I will compare are Nike and Adidas. Because I am really interested in sports, I think these two organizations are the ones that have the most... Continue Reading →

Digital Photography

Photo #1: For my first photo, I took a picture of some of my teammates at the airport while we were waiting for our San José flight. The creative devices that I used are color and leading lines that move you from the first person to the last. Some background for the photo is that... Continue Reading →


It is really exciting to start this new blog. Even though it is considered "class material" I hope I can keep up with it when I'm done with the course. It's been really interesting going through other students' blogs and seeing how much improvement they had from the first to the last post. That is... Continue Reading →

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